Immersed in History:
Florence and Normandie

Virtual reality (VR)
3D modeling

Autodesk Maya
Adobe Substance 3D
Adobe Photoshop

Jan - Apr 2022

A recreation of the South L.A. intersection of Florence and Normandie in 1992, the epicenter of the L.A. uprising. Step into this virtual reality experience to commemorate the civil unrest 30 years later by exploring historic photojournalism images from the vantage point of the photographers. The experience is viewable in two formats, WebVR and 3D, and works on desktop, mobile, or a VR headset.

This project was pursued as an independent directed research project under the supervision of Professor Robert Hernandez in the JOVRNALISM program at the University of Southern California. It was published in the Los Angeles Times as part of the L.A. riots 30 year anniversary coverage. 

Interactive 3D infographic

Interactive model